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About Us

It is our utmost pleasure to finally complete the reorganization of our company to be more effective in meeting the demands of our customers, shareholders and regulatory authorities in Nigeria and West Africa.
We are most grateful for the; Care, Dedication and Encouragement we received from our distributors and partners, substantial Support and Commitment from our corporate customers, Trust and Loyalty from users of our products in Nigeria and abroad which has resulted in our solid foundation after the global financial crisis.
We treat Safety as Basis, Technology and Quality as assurance, Beauty as fundamental and Health as key as we strive to build a powerful and prosperous global brand. To achieve this, we are glad to announce that we have decided to come more closer to our distributors to enable them perform better by opening office/show room at: Suit A051, Kano Plaza of the famous Lagos International Trade Fair Complex.
Jochez Group, consisting of Jochez Safety Co. Ltd., Jochez Engineering Ltd. and Jochez Laboratories Ltd. is a Nigerian and West Africa based company, dealing in the production of health and safety equipments, personal protection equipments, cosmetics, confectioneries, engineering services and equipments procurements.
Under; Jochez Laboratories Ltd., we are the sole representative/distributor for Chris Farrell of Germany, luxury cosmetics products in the whole of West Africa. Presently in partnership with an American firm, we have developed an Energy gum under the brand name VitaBolt capable of not only providing energy but boosting the immune system and providing essential vitamins. We also customize air fresheners for various organizations in Nigeria and abroad.
Under; Jochez Safety Co. Ltd, we have built a reputation in the provision of industrial, home, road, office and anti-terror Safety equipments. customizing these items for reputable companies in Nigeria and abroad. Our brand; "Jochez" speaks for itself. We are certified registered vendors to Nigerian Military, Police force, Civil defense, Emergency Management agencies as well as Road safety.
In Jochez Engineering, we are building a world class real estate developer and provider of high-tech engineering services.
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